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Emissions trading since 2003

CMS is New Zealand’s pioneer in carbon trading & advisory services focused on global carbon markets.

Founded in 2003, CMS completed the second, third and fourth ever carbon credit trades from New Zealand into international carbon markets.

CMS has now sold over $100 million of carbon credits in New Zealand and internationally.

Measure, mitigate, manage and offset your emissions

Who we are

Carbon Market Solutions was established in 2003 as a New Zealand registered company  with the aim to assist New Zealand companies transact in the international carbon market.

CMS has been a pioneer in the development of the carbon market in New Zealand. CMS staff and consultants have decades of experience in working on climate change projects globally as advisors, as brokers and traders, and as investors and project developers.

Brokerage & Trading

We can assist New Zealand companies with buying, selling, and trading carbon credits in New Zealand and internationally.

Carbon Investments

CMS, together with our partners, can make investments in emission reduction and carbon sequestration projects that can benefit from an additional return from carbon credits.


Before you can put in place a strategy to manage your emissions you need to first measure and monitor them. This needs to be done continually in order that improvements can be measured on a year to year basis. MRV stands for monitoring, reporting and verificatrion. It is a key component of all emission reduction projects.


Once you have measured your emissions you need to put in place a strategy to manage them. This strategy could include things developing strategies for things such as increased use of public transport, taking less flights, and increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Mitigating your emissions involves developing and investing in specific activites whether it be renewable energy, energy-efficiency, sustainable transport of nature based solutions. Such investments will either reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by your organization or sequester additional carbon dioxide.


Offsetting emissions involves purchasing carbon credits to offset the remainder of your carbon footprint. It is important to remember that carbon offsetting is only one part of the journey for companies that seek to become carbon neutral and that before a company offsets it should first measure, manage, and mitigate its emissions. Carbon offsetting is the last step in the process for a company that wants to go carbon neutral.