Mission Statement

What we do?

Our goal at CMS is to work closely with our clients and partners to help them with developing a better understanding of national and international carbon markets, with buying and selling carbon credits and with developing and investing in projects that can generate additional revenue streams from carbon credits. CMS has been active in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets in New Zealand, and internationally. We aim to play our part in helping to combat anthropogenic climate change. In addition to research and advisory services to our clients, our main services include:

– Buying and selling carbon credits in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets
– Partnering with our clients and developing carbon offset projects (carbon asset development)

 How we do it?

We partner with clients to assist them with their carbon offsetting needs to help them with going carbon neutral and we develop long-term partnerships that enable us to invest in climate change projects that either reduce CO2 from the atmosphere or which sequester carbon dioxide. We trade carbon credits in both voluntary and compliance markets. We  are involved in carbon asset development, generating carbon credits from partnerships with our clients to be sold in national and international carbon markets. CMS has operated and continues to operate in both voluntary and compliance carbon markets and has extensive experience working in the carbon markets in many countries, with a main focus on New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

Why we do it?

We believe that climate change is an existential threat to life on earth and that limiting the increase in the global temperature to below 1.5 degrees celcius is absolutely critical and urgent. Meeting this target, as defined in the Paris Agreement, is a marker for the future of whether or not some homes will even exist. Keeping warming below this figure will help save coral reefs, preserve the artics protective sea ice layer, and prevent further destablizing of Antartica and Greenland, helping to stave off dramatic sea level rise. We believe that national and international carbon markets and carbon pricing can and must play an important role in driving low carbon investments, both now and in the future, and therefore we are committed to play our part in helping the world to combat climate change. We support both the objectives defined in both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, while recognising at the same time that a lot more needs to be done urgently.

Our Values

We strongly believe that carbon markets must operate withing a strong regulatory framework and we support the efforts of organizations and initiatives such as the Voluntary Carbon Market Initiative (VCMI) and others. We support equitable climate action globally recognising the special needs of developing countries and the need for common but differentiated responsibility between developed and developing countries. We value honesty and integrity and have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. We do not support attempts to create ‘non-additional’ carbon credits that do not follow international best practices. We support equal opportunities within our team and we strive to support the development of young people and help them gain exposure to carbon markets at a young age. We believe that the passion and energy of youth is necessary to solve the climate crisis.