Management Team working to save emsTradepoint

by | May 30, 2024

The management team of emsTradepoint are working on a possible management buyout after the recent decision of Transpower to close the platform.

John O/Brien, director of Carbon Market Solutions, a participant on emsTradepoint since October 2022, says he isn’t surprised about the Transpower announcing closure.

“The decision to close is not really surprising given the very low volumes traded on the platform and the very low commissions, not to mentioned the competition against more established platforms.

“Nevertheless, for small NZU unit holders, the emsTrade platform has offered some clear advantages such as a higher level of transparency showing all bids, offers and volumes and of course the low fees.”

The government owned platform was established in 2013 to create a liquid gas trading platform to support one of Transpower’s critical roles – security of electricity supply. The company moved into carbon trading just before the COVID pandemic in 2020.